We offer

Recruiting talents

Recruiting talents as required by your company.


Handle all legal obligations (salary, benefits, taxes, etc).

Support infrastructure

Full support infrastructure (internet, network and facilities).

Development equipment

Development equipment with basic software licenses.

Mutual communication

Support to ensure mutual communication and cooperation between you and the new staff.

How it works

Compare Traditional Outsourcing Extended Team
Resources allocation Partially dedicated. Could be relocated to other projects. Fully dedicated
Control over the project Low High
Team commitment to make your business grow Low High
Company’s culture Outsourced company Your company
Confidentiality Only the contracted company signs a confidentiality agreement All employees sign a confidentiality agreement in your terms
Relationship Short to mid-term Mid to Long-term
Flexibility to ramp up or down the team High Low
Resource solicitation Non-solicitation agreements Option to bring in-house

Building your Extended Team


Scrum Methodology

We use weekly agile development cycles to stay in close connection with you and quickly adapt to changing business opportunities.

The work in progress and the team performance are trackable using Atlassian’s JIRA tool.

Continuous Integration

We use Atlassian’s Bamboo CI tool to build, test and deploy to production or staging environments.

We use static analysis tools like Clover to identify gaps in the test coverage and SonarQube to review the code quality.

Web Development

We use Java, leading frontend technologies and microservices architecture to build highly scalable and reliable applications in the AWS cloud.


We can find experts in your tech stack and adapt to your methodologies and tools.

Success Case

In 2012 we had the opportunity to build and manage an extended team in Vitória, Brazil for a Silicon Valley’s payment startup. Since then, we’ve helped the company to grow bringing in highly skilled engineers to support major clients like PayPal, UNICEF, United Way and major social media, remittance and utility companies. The events below describes major achievements in our relationship:

Early 2012, the development of the MVP started with 3 engineers working in a small office in Vitória.
Late 2012, the product went live.
In 2013 and 2014, contracts with major clients were signed and the team grew in both locations. All engineers were hired in the Vitória office and the marketing and product teams in Silicon Valley’s office.

Late 2015, we had 25 fully committed and highly skilled engineers working in a 2000 ft² office.

Late 2016, the Vitória team was incorporated into a legal subsidiary of the company.

Our team

Alexandre Romero


Entrepreneur, project manager and software engineer for the last 15 years. A fast learner, capable of rapidly absorbing knowledge to employ in complex situations.
Leads by example being a hands-on professional who loves to be fully engaged with the team. Alexandre is a problem solver and quality driven and has large experience in management, product planning, roadmap, architecture, designing and developing payment and telecom software. With deep knowledge of SCRUM, PMI and CMMi.
Former employee of Eldorado (Motorola), Daitan Labs (Ribbit.com), IBM and PayWithMyBank, developing their financial platform.

Luiz Gerosa


Entrepreneur and software engineer with 15 years of experience and master’s degree in Computer Science.
He has been working for fintech startups (Boku, eWise and PayWithMyBank). At eWise, he worked on a global project for HSBC and was responsible for the architecture of a PFM back-end system and technical leader of a distributed development team (located in Brazil, Panama and Manila).
At PayWithMyBank worked from the conception of the core API till the development of the infrastructure for payment fraud detection that significantly reduced the return rate.